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With with over 12,000 professionals on the network and growing faster than ever, we’re excited to welcome on board all the new members that joined recently.  To catch you up, here are a few popular posts listed below. Join the conversation today!

Are You Looking at Sweden?

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and Green, all at once! Market observers tend to look to Sweden as a CSR success case, thanks in no small part to the government playing an active role in coordinating Corporate social responsibility policies and integrating them into trade and foreign policy strategies…

Slum-Tourism: The Human Zoo?

Over the past decade ‘slum tourism’ has sky-rocketed to popularity, seen as a new way to branch outside the more conventional tourist activities. It was further fueled by a rising demand helped on by films such as ‘City of God’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. This form of tourism can actually be dated back to Victorian times, when the curiosity of the upper-classes drove them to London’s East End to witness the living conditions of the poor…

Talent – The Ultimate Corporate Sustainability Initiative

With unemployment in America affecting over 35 million people; as a country we need to stand up and do something about this.  More and more job seekers are becoming hopeless and mental health issues are running rampant.  This not only affects new grads, but all generations…

The Next Wave in Sustainable Business Practices

We’ve Got to make a shift! The news that we will surpass 4 degrees in global temperature is dire news. How do you feel with a 4 degree temperature, that’s 102 degrees? Life cannot sustain that…

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