Organic Foods

Published 23 February, 2013 | By Samantha

There has been much hype lately about the word organic. What does the word actually means? What does that mean for the food that you get? Organic crops are made with only natural fertilizers and chemicals as well as traditional remedies used for farming to get rid of pests. The United States Department of Agriculture regulates what is considered organic and what is not. Their website states about organic food standards,

            “Organic crops. The USDA organic seal verifies that irradiation, sewage sludge, synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides, and genetically modified organisms were not used.

            Organic livestock. The USDA organic seal verifies that producers met animal health and welfare standards, did not use antibiotics or growth hormones, used 100% organic feed, and provided animals with access to the outdoors.

            Organic multi-ingredient foods. The USDA organic seal verifies that the product has 95% or more certified organic content. If the label claims that it was made with specified organic ingredients, you can be sure that those specific    ingredients are certified organic”  (USDA).

Organic means a safer and healthier process of producing food. Organic means less suffering from animals while on the farms, as well as for humans who would handle harsh chemicals while farming non-organically. Organic means producing less waste and using natural processes to make food.

The cost of organic foods may be higher than the cost of non-organic foods, but they are produced with no hormones, no harmful chemicals, and better health standards then non-organic food. Buy organic if you can.


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