The European Greens on the situation in Ukraine

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Posted 27 February, 2014

The situation is still evolving and there are inherent risks of further instability and violence. The European Green Party has underlined that the territorial integrity of Ukraine is crucial to secure a peaceful future and that any activity aimed at breaching this is unacceptable.

 Greens have called upon the EU’s foreign ministers and diplomats to do their utmost to create a sustainable, peaceful solution and expect the Russian authorities to play a constructive role also.

 The EU must help to stabilise the social, financial and economic situation in Ukraine with joint efforts and develop a specific support plan with all its international partners and institutions, and help Ukraine to lessen their energy dependence on Russia.

 Crucially, the Ukrainian people should decide for themselves what sort of country they want to live in, and if they want to move towards the European Union. Read the European Greens Resolution here


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