We have an opportunity to do something really big here in a few days and I could use your help.

The NOTHING TO LOSE Documentary, #NTLdoc, is releasing worldwide, for free online on April 9. I would appreciate your help in spreading the word about this film so that we can impact many more with the NTL message and support National Autism Awareness Month at the same time.

Simply share a link to and include #NTLdoc or go to where we have messages for you to click and share.


In support of Autism Awareness Month (throughout April) and the release of the #NTLdoc, I am donating $1 for every LIKE/FOLLOW to autism charities. My son has autism therefore it’s a cause near and dear to my heart and to many of yours. With your help we can raise awareness and help fund research / support in a big way.

Share the #NTLdoc Autism Image on: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Download Image

Last but not least, we have a unique opportunity for you to host your own #NTLdoc viewing party on April 9 (or any time in April that works best for you). Your viewing party can be a physical event or online gathering. Everyone who hosts will receive a signed #NTLdoc poster from me. Hosts will also be entered to win an exclusive opportunity to be my personal guest at the Beverly Hills Film Festival in late April where #NTLdoc has been nominated. To find out HOST info, go to

We’ll send out additional info soon but for now, please:

1. Go to to sign up for access to the release on April 9.

2. Spread the word and help support the film + Autism Awareness by using the share links

3. Sign up to HOST a viewing party (online or physical event) at

Watch Ryan

Let’s tell the world and make a difference together!

Ryan Blair


360 Big Beaver Road, Suite 400, Troy, MI 48083

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