What does it mean to rebuild a city?

Natural disasters aren’t the only thing that can bring a city to its knees. Economic uncertainty, social unrest, and chronic food and water shortages can be just as damaging to a city’s ability to thrive and grow.Explore two cities that have rebuilt using resilient design after a major shock — and one city that is in the rebuilding process right now.A German air raid during World War II leveled Rotterdam’s medieval city center, including most of its port. Today that port is one of the world’s largest — and could be its most sustainable by 2015:Rotterdam blitz

After lightning strikes shut down New York City’s power for 24 hours in 1977, mass looting and arson erupted citywide. Hardest hit was Bushwick, an already struggling Brooklyn neighborhood that took decades to recover — with important lessons for the rest of the city as it rebuilds from Sandy and plans for the shocks of the 21st century:

New York City blackout

After a magnitude-6.3 earthquake destroyed Christchurch’s city center in 2011, the city is slowly rebuilding. But residents have different ideas about what the new Christchurch should look like:

Christchurch earthquake

Read more at 100 Resilient Cities blog:



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